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Meet the Director

Amina Hakim

The Kinder garden – Bossley Park

Why do I like childcare? For me it is my role and responsibility but importantly it is my passion. Being in this industry for the past 12 years has provided me great opportunities both personally and professionally. As my journey began when I was a centre cook and enjoyed providing nutritious meals for the children to add a positive attribute towards their health, wellness and wellbeing. By doing this it allowed me to understand children’s needs and wants which presented an opportunity to further extended my knowledge and practicalities within this work field by studying my diploma.

With a great supportive network from my fellow colleagues it enabled me to flourish and find my true passion by working alongside with children as it made being an educator more rewarding and fulfilling as forming meaningful relationships with each and every child by gaining a understanding of their needs and wants but integrally witnessing them flourishing and growing into amazing children with such vibrant of personalities.  Working on the floor alongside children pushed me to always provide the best care and learning experiences both educationally and learning through play to support children’s interest whilst providing a challenge to extend their learning capabilities both developmentally and personally.

One of the best experiences is working alongside a strong, supportive network of educators who not only provide great support but encouraging and building up one another by sharing our ideas, thoughts and inputs to create an environment for children, families, educators and the community to always feel welcomed, comfortable but importantly a sense of unity with the celebration, recognition, acknowledgement and respect for diversity.

My journey as an childcare educator has a been one of the most influential and enriching experience as it shaped who I am by providing the best care and outcomes for children, families, educators and our community. By stepping into a more directorial role as the centre director it broadens my knowledge by understanding the logistics of childcare and how integral it plays within day to day activity.

Being in a more directorial role provides me the best of both worlds as achieving  the best outcomes for developmental and practical standards as well being on the floor and engaging with children brings such light and happiness through conversations and interactions among them , even if it is to see how they are going or how they day has been as being an childcare educator and centre director enables me to be the best version of myself and providing the best for children, families , fellow colleagues and our community by providing an environment that is safe, secure and welcoming where the freedom of exploration and curiosity is supported  and yet further encouraged by “looking outside of the box” .

Childcare is probably one of the most rewarding careers you can venture within as it allows a sense of support and growth professionally and personally by being surrounded by a great supportive network that encourages and further challenges our capabilities to be the best version of ourselves and a role model.